Teenagers, starting school, autism and therapy and more:

In the last few months although I have not written anything for my blog I have been busy.

I am part of a team at my professional body, the Association of Child Psychotherapists, who provide reports and policy responses and in December I assisted Annalisa Barbieri with her ‘Problem Solved’ page, which she writes for the Guardian. This was published on 12th December in a Teenage special and it is still available on the Guardian’s website (dated 11.12.15).

I have also contributed a number of quotes for an article by Bernice de Braal for the magazine ‘Right Start’. This article will be in the May/ June edition and helps parents think about issues which occur at the school gates

Finally I was asked to do a piece on autism and therapy which was published on the Welldoing website. I use this website to advertise my psychotherapy practice. This is still available to view on their Welldoing website.

I plan to have a new blog ready for mid-March. It will be the sequel to my blog in November about the baby brain. It will look at the growth of the brain in the toddler years and what this means for parenting your toddler.

The Toddler Brain (1)

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